"The game is super fun. I really like the mechanics that have gone into this game... I love what the designer has done with this." -Zach Marcello of GotGameTesters.com


"Gorgeous, sometimes funny art and a lot of variable options add to the impression that this is a carefully designed, smartly realized game with depth." -gameological blog


"Incredible Expeditions is one of those games I really enjoy playing...it made us want to go home to Print & Play our own version later." -Tiffany, game journalist at PAX


"Incredible Expeditions is an excursion into the fantastic!  Having played the game several times now, each time is a completely unique experience, and it always gets heated since it comes down to the wire.  This game definitely tests your cunning, foresight, ability to handle pressure, and your willingness to push the boundaries." -Daniel S. (playtester)